Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Strips.....and strips...and strips.

I adore small pieces of fabric. The smaller the better in my book!

This is my collection of 1” strips sorted into Ziploc bags, by colour.

Does that give you the impression that I am a really organised person?

Well, I guess it would be rude to shatter your illusions then.

While we’re are on the subject of 1” strips, I have been plugging away with my second doll quilt for DQS7. I know I’m daft as a brush for making 2 but I wanted to try this to see how it looked and I actually think that this is going to suit my partner way more than the first.

Even though this quilt it little, it’s sucked up hours and hours of time. I did also try a couple of options out before settling on this and that took some extra time but I guess that’s also the downside of being mad enough to opt for chopping fabric into 1” strips and then sewing them back together!

Saying that though, I absolutely love the end results and it was absolutely worth the time it has taken. I could do a lil jig I like it that much!!!