Saturday, 1 August 2009

Funny week.

What a funny week (funny peculiar….not funny haha!)

It has felt rather like and out of body experience. Like the lights are on but nobody’s home.
I guess that’s typical when recovering from flu but work has sucked up so much of my energy this week that I haven’t had much left by the time I’ve been getting home.

I did improve quite significantly at the start of the week but unfortunately I'm not so sure anymore.

Luckily my creative juices were flowing at the start of the week long enough to get some fabric cut and some ideas ready to try for my second attempt at a doll quilt for the DQS7.
I know I’ve already done one but I wanted to try a few things out and then decide which one I thought suited my partner the best.

I think this colour combo looked lovely, but a bit too Christmassy

Maybe I’ll play around with them further as I fancy making some Christmas place mats.

And the combination of light and dark on these just wasn’t cutting it for what i want to do.…

So I am gradually arriving at the option that I like the best.

I just LOVE fiddling around with little strips of fabric. Maybe it’s because I’m tight with my fabric and want to use it sparingly or maybe I just love being able to pack in as many fabrics as possible. Or, maybe as Katy suggested some time ago, I am maybe into self flagellation!

But, what ever the reason, I’m having a lovely time - and isn’t that what it’s all about?