Friday, 21 August 2009

Good stuff.

Thanks for all your good wishes after my fall. I thankfully didn’t break or dislodge anything. I didn’t even bang my head although if i had it may have knocked some sense into me ;-)

I do have a dark purple bruise the size of a small African country on my leg/backside though so I have felt as if i could continue to justify my obsession with my new quilt. I cannot leave it alone. I have been working on it every day both before work and after work (and have even dreamt about it) and now I have 20 blocks done out of the 25 I need.

You’ll have to excuse my bad photo. The dull British weather is partly to blame but it also doesn’t help that i don’t have anywhere decent to photograph anything larger than half a dozen blocks.

There are a tons of fabulous photos of this kind of quilt on Flickr. Some have been sashed so that the blocks don’t line up and have kind of wonky sashing (I suspect there’s a proper word for it but have no idea what it so you’ll have to bear with me!).

I don’t have a design wall and as the cats roll around on the blocks if they’re laid on the floor, the only way i could figure out how to do it was to add another row of unbleached cotton around every block and the trim them unevenly – so that’s what I’m going to do. It will probably finish up at about 78” (195 x 195cms) square.

I’m probably not going to get any time to work on it at the weekend and it’s a really good job I have an exciting week coming up or I suspect i would probably start to feel some separation anxiety!

First up on Saturday is the Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC. Katy is riding shotgun with me – which will be lovely - so I will be picking her up at the crack of dawn to head 2 hours south and hopefully be there when the doors open!!

This will be more fabric and quilts than I’ll have been surrounded by at any one time and I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I am in the mood for jelly rolls and charm packs but as my stash seems to be going down at a great rate of knots (it is, honestly...) I might quite fancy some fat quarter packs and bigger pieces too. I have set myself a budget but as i am notoriously bad at sticking to anything, it could (and probably will) go to pot when I get there!!

Then on Sunday morning a friend and I are going to have a session with a photographer. We have known each other coming up 19 years and don’t have any good pictures of the two of us. We will be taking party frocks, masks, fans, feather boas, jewellery the size of houses (and probably my silly new gold T-bar dancing shoes!) and all the silliness we can muster. It should be an absolute hoot and i can’t wait!!