Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat 2012

Fat Quarterly

I’m a little late to the link party but for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Brioni.  I’m one of the founding members of Fat Quarterly.   I live in Leeds with my curly haired American husband, the most adorable little 2 ½ year boy old ever, and 2 kitties.

(This pic is not how i usually look. i usually have bits of toddler food stuck to me and my hair usually looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!)

Just another couple of days running around like a blue-arsed fly* and then i get a whole weekend pfaffing around with bits of fabric at the Fat Quarterly Retreat.  Haha, ‘Pfaff’ geddit? 

Katy, Lynne and I have been busy familiarising myself with our Pfaff machines so that should disaster strike we can hopefully sort it.  I have faith in myself given that i un-jam the work printer on a regular basis and became the queen of un-jamming the automatic hand towel dispensers at Spring Quilt Market in KC.

Curly Boy is currently busy stuffing goodie bags. There is a lot of stuff.  I was tempted to spread it all out on the floor and roll around on it. I didn’t, you’ll be please to know.

I really can’t wait to meet you all and I can’t wait to spend some more time with my Fat Quarterly buddies Tacha, Katy, Lynne and John. This will be the first time that all 5 of us have been in one place at one time so i can’t wait.  Eeeeek!

Hope to see you all at the weekend!!!!

*For those of you who were wondering.... A Bluebottle is the proper name for blue-arsed fly.  They're the large, noisy busy looking flies similar to a worker rushed off their feet, hence the phrase “I'm running around like a blue arsed fly!!