Monday, 17 August 2009


We had quite a busy weekend so i decided to take today off work to catch up.

I shouldn't have been putting 3 baskets of laundry away. No.
I shouldn't have been cleaning my windows so i could see out of them. No, shouldn't have been doing that.
I shouldn't have been sewing backing so i could take 2 quilts to the long arm quilter.
I shouldn't have vacuuming to dust bunnies that are threatening to eat the cats. No, definitely not that, and I absolutely should not have been doing a whole host of jobs that i keep conveniently forgetting needs doing.

Obviously what i really should have been doing was starting another quilt!!

This is my first attempt at an improv quilt. I figured it was time to get with the program' and have a go and am quite pleased with my first few blocks!!

I fell down the stairs last night. From the top, to the bottom! Today I feel rather like I've gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson, but as my ear is still intact i can't have done.

Anyway, i figured that was perfect justification for being a slacker today!!