Monday, 24 August 2009

It doesn't get much better than this!

It's taken me so long to post about this as my brain has been so jam packed full of gorgeousness i didn't know where to start!

Last Saturday i tripped off with Katy to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.
We met up with Trash and Maria – which was a joy – and we shopped, chatted, laughed and admired quilts. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was on a mission for jelly rolls and charm packs, and a ruler and i didn’t veer too much of course.

I didn’t take that many pics of the quilts as generally i was too busy drooling to remember to get my camera out but i did get a few of my absolute favourites - the first being at the top of the post. Mmmmm....hexagons.

And this beauty.

The ones i like best though were the ones by Ingrid Press. I absolutely loved the simplicity of them and these are reason I haven't been able to sleep very well since then. Serious over stimulation. I now understand why they recommend that children don't watch TV before bed!

These little houses make my heart go all a flutter!

I did go with a budget and one of those (although they were selling at an absolute bargain price) would have blown the budget out of the water so it probably wasn’t a bad thing that my favourites were sold, and i suspect it could have got pretty messy. Katy loved the same ones as me so we’d have had to scrap for them, and she’s taller than me so probably would have won.

Look at these teeny quilts - how gorgeous are they?

The other reason why my brain is so full is that we tried a couple of quilting frames out. I love free motion quilting and would love to do more of it as I’ve no doubt that the possibilities are endless, but I loath and detest battling to get it all under sewing machine. The frame is one where you attach your sewing machine onto it and then move the machine around with handles I think this would just be perfect for what i want.
The man on the stand was very pleasant and there was no high pressure sales pitch.
He just let us just get on with having a go and just answered our question in-between eating a Muller Rice yogurt with a chopstick (he told us he’d forgotten his spoon). He’ll do for me!

So i have been busy reorganising my sewing room so i can try and squeeze a 7ft one in - and i can YAY!!!