Thursday, 28 May 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love selvages*?

It all started when I saw THIS!!!!!
(If you were considering skipping that link, trust me don't - just in case you haven't already seen it - and I'll wait for you to come back)

Is that not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?? (barring Jon Bon Jovi in full leathers of course.)

I loved it enough to spend 2 days dragging all my fabric off the shelves and chopping the selvages off all of it, and trust me that's a fair amount.
I have already made this for my jolly holidays....

....and here's the back

Yes, I know. I did say the zig-zag one was for my holidays too but a girl can never have too many bags can she?

I want to come up with something gorgeous that I can make with this lovely pile!

There is also some selvage love going on over at SummerSadies place. She's not telling what she's making yet and can't wait to see what it is.

*I googled it to find the correct spelling and there appears to be a zillion ways of spelling it!


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  2. This is soooo pretty!!!
    I also save mines and so far they are in a glass jar.
    May be when I have "the time" I'll do something along these lines :-)

  3. LOVE IT! And yes, I had seen that dress recently before I started my project as well. Knowing how much selvedge it takes for a project, I can't imagine how much they needed for that dress.

  4. mimi says: in the us, our dictionary shows it as "selvedges". any way, they rule.

  5. this is soooo cool! You even color coordinated them. So impressive!