Sunday, 10 May 2009


I love rhubarb. I have a lovely memory of being little and sitting on my granddads' back step in the summer with a stick of rhubarb and a cup of sugar to dip it in (does anyone still do that or is the sugar thing bad now?).

The house I grew up in (and where my Mum and Dad still live) was built on rhubarb fields and everyone had patches of it in their garden that they spent years trying to get rid of.

I have a teeny tiny garden and 3 years ago I put a rhubarb plant in a big pot. It thanks me every year for ignoring it by sprouting plenty of stalks - there were only 4 that were ready but there looks to be another 10 stalks growing - and I thank it in return by yanking the stalks out.

I've no idea when I'm supposed to yank them out or cut them, but it keeps coming back so it can't be too upset about it!

I chopped it all up and mixed it with sugar and left it overnight until it went gloopy

.... boiled it all up in my jam pan and ta-daaaa!

It called for soft white bread toasted. Mmmmmmmmmm.......


  1. I made rhubarb sauce on Saturday. We like to serve it over sliced bananas.

  2. Hi, popped over from Katy's blog. I love rhubarb too we have some on the allotment which I'm hoping I can harvest some off this year, it was too young last year..

  3. you're making my mouth water!

  4. Yummy, brings back fond memories of my mom's strawberry rhubarb pie.
    Just sayin' "HI" from a fellow ATWQB member!

  5. I literally JUST ate a piece of rhubarb crisp. Yum! And yes, you are supposed to yank it, not cut it.

  6. Curly Boy's mum thinks they are great.