Sunday, 10 May 2009

P.S. I hate spaceships and sci-fi but....i LOVED Star Trek!!!!


  1. hmm. The husband is trying to get me to go and see it. I'm not convinced, I did see wolverine at the weekend, as was actually quite impressed. can crochet too? Is there end to your talents, woman?

  2. I'll start calling you Cadet Blossy!

    She has loads of other talents Katy, some of which I can't mention here! :)

  3. hey Flossy Blossy,

    Welcome to the world of Blogging, Im quite new as well. But love reading everyone elses. Im a ginger Monkey put out a shout for u. so thought I would shout back


    Miss Oakden

  4. Hi, I too saw I'm a Ginger Monkey's shout for your blog so thought I'd say "Hi". I love your applique flower cushions. We (or rather my husband) are Grand Prix fans too. Its's great that Jenson is doing so well, he's waited a long time for the success.
    Maria x

  5. couldn't agree more! It was fun, exciting and funny! Wish they had at least let Shatner do some narration. I hated he was left out.

    BTW, I am stopping by to introduce myself as one of your co-quilters in the ATWQB. Can't wait till it starts!

  6. Me too!!
    Welcome to blogsville.
    Katy sent me!