Monday, 4 May 2009

Good job jobbed.....

The pile of half finished stuff has been bugging me lately so thought I'd crack on with some of them, No idea why i went off the boil as had a lovely time finishing them.

Notebook covers x3. Cut out and half decorated last year.

I started this bag to see whether my sewing of half square triangles had improved. And…it hasn't! Now it's finished it actually doesn’t look too bad considering how un-square the squares were. Think this will be my holiday bag for carting my odds and sods to the pool.

Chocolate lollipop skirt. I did all the hard work and cut the pattern and cut the pieces out but only managed to get the front sewn. I did wonder whether the rest of the pieces had ended up in the scrap box but i managed to find them. 3 guesses what I'm wearing for work tomorrow?

My Sue Spargo wool wall hanging is now ready to go to the long arm quilter!
I finished the top in record time about 18 months ago and attempted to quilt it, but the gap between my foot and the plate isn't big enough to sew where the seams are and I made a complete hash of it. I’ve unpicked all my crappy quilting, bought new backing and sewed it, and am planning on taking it with me when I go to pick up my quilts from the long arm quilter. No pic as
by the time I'd thought if it the weather was way too dreary.

I hemmed Curly boys trousers (only taken me a year), buttonholed my beige trousers (not too bad as they've only sat there for 2 weeks), took up some red/brown linen trousers (have worn them too long for a year) and altered a skirt (I loved it so bought it in the sale a year ago for £4 even though it was 4 dress sizes too large!)

So, rather a productive weekend all in all!!

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  1. Love the skirt! Clicked through here after you sent me all the sweeties on swapbot and now you've inspired me to get the sewing machine out!