Sunday, 17 May 2009

I always have a nice weekend, but this one was extra nice.

One of the highlights of my weekend was meeting up with Katy for a cuppa and quilty chat on Sunday morning.

It was a huge huge pleasure to meet her and we cunningly combined meeting up with a visit to the tea room (for bacon and sausage butties) and a touch of retail therapy at the sewing shop. You probably won't be suprised to learn that most of the conversation revolved about fabric, quilts, fabric, quilts, templates, quilts...oh, and fabric.

I don't have many crafty friends so I was wonderful to chat about fabric without worrying about whether I was boring the pants off her, and I could discuss the merits of making king sized quilts out of hexagons the size of my thumb nail without her looking at me as though I've lost the plot!
I'm really looking forward to meeting up with her again in the near future.

By the time I got back, my swap partner for the 'Quilties' swap on Swap-Bot had been allocated so I squeezed a bit of sewing in. The brief was to make a quilt between 5" and 10" and here's what i came up with:

My swap partner likes vintage things so tried to some up with something with a vintage look, and added some hand quilting with embroidery floss (while I watched Eurovision Song Contest). Hope she likes it.

Talking of Eurovision, is it just me that thought that the Norway song was rubbish???


  1. Hi there. Glad you had a good time with katy. Is she as mad in person as she sounds on her blog? It's great getting together with a friend who's into the same stuff as you. I have a quilty friend and we often get together for a sewing day.
    Your little quiltie is gorgeous. I love the hand stitching.
    I agree about the Eurovision song. I couldn't believe it got so many votes.

  2. Oh i so wish I could have been there. My friends are happy to talk about some of crafty things but like you I always stop short of full on chat because I don't want them to fall asleep!

    Love your little mini quilt - it is really pretty.