Thursday, 14 May 2009

The little voices made me do it….

It was VERY silly of me to buy yarn. No idea how I imagined in a month of Sundays that I’d be able to keep my mitts off it? Especially when the little voices keep talking to me...

I wanted a blanket made from granny squares with flowers in the middle of them so I have been playing around deciding what I'm going to do. Many many decisions to make.
What size granny squares? Single colour or multi-coloured? Single or double layer flowers? All flower centres the same colour? My oh my....

I had a play on the train to and from work and here's what I've achieved so far....
I think I like smaller squares and the centres of the flowers all one colour.

Going to have to be strong and ignore the voices at the weekend, as I have got make a mini quilt and a decorated dish towel to make!

Katy has done her block for my Around The World Quilting Bee quilt and I LOVE IT!! You can see it here. I'm just hoping the cute birdie doesn't eat the flowers on my block…..

I also got Marias block so have to get my thinking cap on - the cogs are already turning (albeit very slowly, as i was up until 1.30am doing some stuff for work).

The colours are very 'me' so looking forward to having a play!!!!


  1. I love your granny squares. I am a knitter and an absolute klutz at crochet, so I am very envious. Are you by any chance on Ravelry?

  2. Thanks Cindra No i'm not. I have no idea even what that is but will check it out today!!