Monday, 1 June 2009


My new fabric is all washed and ironed....aaaahhhhhhh.

I wasn't planning on buying more but I couldn't help myself, especially when i saw the fabric with the little trees on!

As i have to get it from the US i just HAD to make it worth my while (well i did didn't i?) so at the same time i bought a couple of other bits and pieces.


  1. I love that fabric. I know what you mean about making it worthwhile when you are buying fabric from the U.S.
    What are you planning to make with it?

  2. not sure if my keyboard is working correctly from all that drool going on over at flickr. you didn't miss my birthday it's in July. :)

  3. Time for me to reinforce the floor joists I think... :)

  4. Oh what a pretty stack! I have 2 of those...the 3rd and 5th from the top. :) I think they're only tiny scraps now, since I've used them a bunch. Great choices!

  5. Those fabrics are gorgeous, really summery colours! Where did you get them from?
    Rachel x