Sunday, 7 June 2009

Well... another weekend has whizzed by!!

Not much crafting this weekend apart from the next block for the Around the world quilting bee. I thought I'd do a 'grown up' block and i definitely needed some practice doing half square triangles. I'm usually a bit heavy handed with the iron and they end up really out of shape - but not this time!! *big smile*

...and to see Take That in Sunderland. A group of girlies tripped up there on Friday and it was lovely to have a change of scenery, a giggle.....and see those handsome fellas strutting their stuff!


  1. great job - I'm the same with my iron, I have a talent for getting pinwheels really wonky (I'm calling it a talent, anyway)

  2. I'm so jealous, I'd LOVE to see Take That. It must have been fantastic.
    The block looks great.