Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This week has been mad, mad, mad. Good, but mad!

The week did get off to a really mad start though...

I was settling down on the sofa and Curly Boy was going upstairs to doing a bit of car chasing through the streets of San Francisco on his computer (or whatever else he does up there!) and he called me upstairs to the spare bedroom. We could hear cheeping.

Birds up (or should I say down) the sodding chimney!!!

Our house is 110 years old and we have 6 fireplaces. Luckily this was the only fireplace that was not sealed up with wood at the bottom and the old occupants had just put old carpet in the bottom of the chimney to stop the draught.
I rang my dad (as I always do if I have no idea what else to do!) and then Curly Boy set to and started pulling down lumps of carpet.

To cut a very long story short (one that involves a long stick!), Curly Boy got birdie number 1 out. I was supposed to be catching the thing but I am a bit of a wuss, and failed in my duties so it flew around a bit and bashed against the window a couple of times before Curly Boy caught it. The second birdie took a bit more poking out but he was young and a bit weaker so he just rolled out of the chimney and we bundled him up in towels.

We let the big bird go first and then the baby. Baby looked to be having a bit of trouble flying and flew into the wall a couple of time before settling on the house across the road.

A couple of minutes later the baby was joined by birdie 1 and another bigger bird (probably Mummy and Daddy) and they all flew away together. A mixture of adrenalin and us having saved the 2 birdies lives, I was all overcome.

Thankfully order is now restored, and I have a mental note to get the roofers to come and cap our 6 chimneys off.

My niece and 2 year old great-niece came to visit on Wednesday. Leah loves Curly Boy and is usually found parked about an inch away from him.

I guess it's been a mad week for everyone!

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