Thursday, 7 February 2013

I haven't gone mad. I KNOW Christmas is over!

Over the 2 1/2 years since i made this i have had a ton of requests for a pattern for this block.   I can't believe how popular it is. It's had over 2200 views on Flickr and appears to have been pinned on Pinterest (i WILL join that one of these days!!) a ton of times too.

Writing some instructions has been languishing on my to-do list and has never made it to the top. I finally got a rocket up my bum after receiving a lovely e-mail from Susan in Oklahoma.  Her e-mail brightened my day so much that i really wanted to finally get some instructions done.

There are instructions for how to make this 10" blocks, and i have added fabric calculations for those of you who might want to make a quilt. The links to download the PDFs for the pattern and the templates are on my Patterns/Tutorials tab at the top of the page.

Have fun!