Tuesday, 13 December 2011


You can tell that it is now winter as the kitties are finding the strangest places to curl up and have a nap. Pile of sweaters, on the floor wedged under radiators, stretched out along the landing exactly where the hot water pipes run under the floorboards, a pile of strings on the sofa.
I guess i finally have to accept that it's just not summer anymore *sigh*.

Monday, 14 November 2011

FQ - Issue 7

It would seem that there has been no sewing at all going on since the little man came. Granted it has been a bit hit and miss but there has been some lil FQ projects going on! The pattern for this Crossroads and Roundabouts quilt is available in Issue 7 of Fat Quarterly out on 15th November here. As usual it's chocka block with fabulous patterns so make sure you bag your copy!!!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What a year!!!

The bad stuff:

2 bad bouts of teething, 4 colds, a febrile convulsion, 2 chest infections, conjunctivitis and a broken ankle

....and that's just the little man.

For us two there has been Curly Boy losing his job for the 2nd time this year, a burglary, my Mum being pretty poorly and been in hospital for a week or 2, 2 bouts of gastroenteritis, flu, chest/sinus infection and 5 colds

But the wonderful news is that....

The little man has now settled beautifully, has had a ton of fun, met some lovely new people and found some little friends, has grown 2 1/2 inches and gained a kilo, had his 2nd birthday and has finally started saying a few words.

Best of all, we have now got to know and love the loveliest little boy ever. He's bright, lively, mischievous, funny, handsome, sweet and affectionate.
We love you little man!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

How time flies!

There has been a ton of stuff going on that i couldn't or didn't want to talk about, and that as that was all taking up just about every waking thought then there didn't seem to be anything left to tell. I can and want to share some of it now, and wanted to tell you about our exciting news.

We are finally going to be parents! Yes, us!!! :-)

We were approved to adopt in September last year (after a gruelling 6 months of weekly 2 to 3 hour visits from the Social Worker!) and just before Christmas we were matched with a little boy who is now just 18 months old. The week before last it the match was finally approved by the Matching Panel and last week finally signed of by the Head of Children's services. So it's finally all official now :-)

Tomorrow we finally get to meet him and i just can't tell you how excited we are. Our road to parenthood has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster and we still have to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves that it really IS happening! Although there are plenty of reminders around the house....

Our guest bedroom (which is no longer a guest bedroom!) that Curly Boy has done an amazing job with...

The Dr Suess quilt still hanging over the door waiting to be finished...

And last but most definitely not least, the beautiful things that dear friends have been making...

I think we are going to gibbering wrecks tomorrow - but in a good way of course. Wish us luck!!!