Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2012 is over :-(

Today my cheeks still hurt from smiling, my voice is hoarse from laughing and I'm feeling a bit teary at the prospect of having to get back to 'real life'.

I will keep it short and sweet as how the hell do you sum up something THAT amazing in a few paragraphs?  I can't really think coherently today, but i did want to stop by and say Thank you!

It was amazing to have all of the FQ crew in one place at the same time.  Thank you John, Katy, Tacha and Lynne for all your fabulousness. I love you all - you are THE BEST!!!!

Thank you to Lu and Mandy for mucking in and helping us lug stuff between floors to make sure we had everything we needed in the right place at the right time.

Thanks to Terri for giving me the best quote ever that makes me howl with laughter every time it pops into my head:  "Mexican?  I don't even like guacamole".

Thanks to Tom Starkey at Pfaff for loaning us 20 sewing machines, and taking time out of his Bank Holiday weekend to bring and collect them.   Thanks also to our other sponsors for providing us with some great stuff for the goodie bags, and thanks to my hubby Curly Boy for spending a whole day filling them!!

Finally, HUGE thanks goes to all you lovely folks who came to the retreat to hang out with us and make it the best weekend ever. You are a lovely, funny and warm hearted bunch who showed that you wanted it to be as successful as we did, so put your hearts and souls into making it the best weekend ever. Thank you!!

I am sad that i won't get to see you all today but even more excited that I'll get to see you all next year. Roll on 2013!!!

Fat Quarterly