Thursday, 23 April 2009

Zig zags

Last weekend I spent some time chopping (yet more) fabric up for (yet another) quilt.
I was sitting on the sofa one night last week and my feet were a bit chilly - and couldn't be bothered going upstairs to get some socks - so figured I needed a comfort blankie for these occasions. I am slightly ashamed at myself at going off at a tangent again even though I have 3000 (or maybe more) UFOs, but I can't ignore cold feet can I?
Anyway...the top is done!!!! It was really quick to put together and is made from this fab tutorial that avoids having to sew triangles - cos i'm not very good at them!

The browns are from various ranges and the coloured strips are Anna Maria Horners Chocolate Lollipop range.
The backing is underway and is just stripes using up all the pieces I have left. I usually hate to use nice fabrics on the backings, but I wanted to get the chocolate lollipop fabric used up. Although I love it, its much darker than the fabrics I tend to use so it never seems to go with anything. It's been sat on my shelves forever and am pleased that i have finally found a good use for it.
Not too much going on this weekend so hoping I'll be able to get it pinned and quilted on Saturday although.... I spose it will depend on how many brandy's i have on Friday when i'm out with my friend Julie!

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