Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wish i could have 4 day weekends EVERY week!

Thought I'd struggle with work this week. I thought I'd find it hard to get motivated after Easter weekend and just wanted to be home continuing the loveliness (is that a proper word?) of having 4 days to do whatever I pleased. But, happy to say i seem to be feeling quite alert and full of the joys of spring!!

We were originally planning to decorate the lounge but found any excuse not to, and so glad we did. So instead it involved going with Curly boy to collect this:

It unfortunately doesn't have blue wheels - this was pic that he played around with in photoshop - but i like them!!!

Finished this for Jenny. What a joy it was to make this and i hope she likes it!

Many hours of cutting scraps into 1" strips - while catching up episodes of The Wire (well and truly hooked!)

Picked these up from the post office, washed, ironed, chopped off all the selvedges and folded them:

A bit of this:

I got rid of a load of scraps to Tara of Sew Gorgeous who lives about 1/2 hour away from me - glad they've gone to a good home.

Yummy pub lunch.

And finally making a mat for my straightening irons so that i could finally throw out the scabby bit of old tablecloth that has been doing the job for about 5 years!! It didn't take very long to do, made me smile and after seeing it in the lounge I feel some new flower sofa cushions coming on....

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