Sunday, 19 April 2009

Spring flowers

Have been squeezing in a bit of time this week to do bits and pieces on these this week, and today I finished them (well...kinda).

As I made the flowers ages ago (before I went off on tangent onto something else!) I though there wasn't going to be too much work involved. Bit of iron-on sticky stuff, bit of machine applique, a bit of free motion quilting and a bit of hand stitching for the binding and they'd be done. Erm....not quite. Everything went smoothly until the hand stitching of binding onto furnishing fabric. Fingers are sore and shredded after doing the binding on 2....and it took me about 4 hours!!

I worked out that I have had the previous ones 15 years (shame on me!). They match my curtains in my old house and was planning on making new ones after I moved. So I made some new ones - 7 years later! Better late than never...

So, here's the 2 on my sofa......with Rock God monkey doing the honour of modelling them for me!

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Its all very exciting this new world we have just entered huh. Getting horribly addicted and I just do not have time to sit around looking at all the gorgeous things people make. Cute cushions btw x