Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Finally some sunshine!

The weekend was fairly productive partly down to not having many plans, but the (extremely rare) sunshine gave me a bit more spring in my step than I usually have.
So, firstly I got the zig zag lap quilt finished!!
I stupidly didn't take any photos at the weekend when the sun was shining so have had to wait until the now dreary weather we've had since Monday morning has picked up a bit,
I then realised that i have absolutely nowhere to put quilts to photograph them so hanging it on the washing line in the back yard seemed to be the best option.

More often than not I usually make quite large quilts (usually queen/king sized) so in comparison this was an absolute joy to lay out, smooth and pin, (especially as I managed to to swiftly get rid of the absolutely corking alcohol induced headache I had when I got up on Saturday).
I quilted it with simple zig zags to keep as much loft as possible (and to prevent quilting boredom!) , and am really chuffed with the result. I'm even more chuffed with how speedy it went together - you can't beat instant gratification!!
I was hoping to avoid the cats claiming this as their own but I guess I lost as Maggie seems to have already taken a shine to it.

It was the Bahrain Grand Prix day on Sunday and Grand Prix Sundays are planned with military precision!! Anything that needs to be done is done in the morning and the race Sky Plus'ed so that we sit down and watch it when we're done - partly so we can fast forward past the adverts, rewind to re-watch any spectacular incidents (or bits I've missed cos I'm doing something else at the same time!), but mainly so we don't have to get up at stupid o'clock to watch it because of the time differences.
We got parked on the sofa with the race on the telly and I finally sewed the binding on the last 2 cushions (after my poor fingers have had a few of days to recover). Now I have 4!!!

They match the mat for my hair straighteners I made the other weekend although since I was 'shawn' at the hairdressers I'm really not sure hair straighteners are going to be used very often, but at least the top of dresser looks pretty!
Curly boy reckons I am obsessed by flowers and yes…I probably have to agree. I love flowers.
I have a tons of these flowers so need to ponder where else I can stick them ( I'm sure curly boy will have some suggestions that he thinks are really funny!)
Also, labels are now done and sewn on for all the quilts I've kept and I have even managed to keep up the momentum and make ones for the two that are at the long arm quilter.
I always label quilts that I have made for other people but haven't done any of the ones I've kept. I would say that I don't know why, but yes I DO know why - sheer laziness!!
They're nothing fancy, just simple embroidered labels with my name and the year I made them.


  1. crikey, woman. You have been busy. What a heap of fab stuff! Now, you know if curly boy reckons you have too many flowery cushions in your house, you could always throw some my way ;)

  2. I get it! Throw cushions! Lol...

    Please take some flowers Katy, we DO have WAY too many!