Thursday, 23 July 2009


You may or may not have noticed but i have been changing my banner as often as my underwear! That's because curly boy is on a mission to make me the perfect banner - bless him. I love this one a lot so i think it may stay a while - thanks sweetie pie!

I am not very well at the moment so am home from work. so, loads of time on my hands, but no energy to do anything...ggrrrrrr.

I did want to show you this though. I was inspired to crack on with it by
this and was really quite astounded by just how quick it all went together. Shame on me for not getting my lazy butt into gear earlier.

I have been debating whether to quilt it myself or send it to the long arm quilter, but as she asks that you sew 1/8" around the edge to stop the seams pulling apart and i have already done that, i think my sub-conscience has already decided for me!!!