Saturday, 25 July 2009

Guilt free sewing

The upside of being unwell is that i get extra time to sew without the nagging guilt that i should be vacuuming or cleaning. Obviously WAY to unwell to do any house chores so for the last 3 days I've had a lovely time stitching to my hearts content!!

First thing i made was a doll quilt. I sat for 2 days and hand stitched the pinwheels like a woman possessed. I did break for the loo and for food but that's more or less it.

I also made the next set of blocks for the Around the World Quilting Bee. They seem to be coming thick and fast but i do get very excited every time the postman knocks on my door with another lil package.

I bottled out of piecing the circles and just appliqued them on but at some point I'd like to have a good go at mastering circles. I used Park Slope fabric and I had forgotten just how gorgeous these fabrics were until i dug them out for this block.

The next one is my first ever wonky star and it makes me smile. I really enjoyed making it so I see many more wonky stars in my future. Maybe i'll add it to the list of about 20 quilts that i want to do someday!

The last one i made from strips pieced onto a paper foundation. This one was a maths nightmare and i really though i'd messed it up when i trimmed one smaller than i intended. But luckily when it was done i was amazed that it was exactly the right size. For that to be the case my maths must have been way off to begin with!