Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Go slow....

My new post-holiday pace is ‘go-slow’. I’m going so slowly that if you saw me you would question whether I really was moving at all - but I’m liking it very very much!!

After successfully diverting attention from the lack of crafting with my holiday stuff and my new (ever so lovely) sewing machine foot, I finally have some crafting to show you.

I’ve hand pieced some shoe bags using the half hundred weight of hexagons left from my grandmothers flower garden quilt. Clearly i got carried away when cutting out!

I have only made 2 so far which is a laugh considering the number of pairs of shoes I’ve got and the numbers of pairs I usually take away with me but hey, it’s a start!

I also now have 110 granny squares for my blanket. I have to say that I am also fast approaching my boredom threshold with this so am going to stop while the going is still reasonably good.

I have finished all the yarn I had so I will join them together, sew the flowers on, crochet some kind of edging and then it will be finished and ready to snuggle under.
I think it will end up about 125 x 125cms (50" x 50").

And finally I have made some more progress on my hexagon pinwheel. I think I only have about 90 pinwheels left to make. Only...
I need 19 rows of 13 pinwheels and so far i have 11 (5 all sewn together) and i am so excited to see this finished!! I think it will end up at about 175 x 200cms (70" x 80").

Notice that I have cunningly combined it all into one post to make it look like I’ve done all this in the last 2 or 3 days?