Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I thought you might like to see my holiday booty.

Although the hotel we stayed at in Thailand was in the middle of nowhere, my cute-stuff-radar was definitely fine tuned so I managed to get some good stuff!! Thailand is also fairly cheap so I got a lot for my money.

My absolute first love is shoes (think Imelda Marcos!!) and I managed to bag myself 2 lovely pairs of sandals. These I already posted a picture of, but in my eyes you can't even get enough pics of cute shoes!!...

And these pearly coral flowery beauties...

Down a back street in Hua Hin town we found (well actually it was Curly Boy who spotted it as I’ve managed to also fine time his cute-stuff-radar!) was a little shop full of handmade goodies.
The lady who owned the shop is a serious crafter - which she tells me is quite rare in Thailand - and she has even published her own crafting book.
We had a lovely chat, I admired some things that she showed me that she made for herself, and then I swept through the shop like a tornado!!
I got flower hair bobbles that will become something else at some point, and 2 zip pouches.

I got a Thai silk bed cover that I put it on my bed the first night I got home and the cats have already clicked it, so I have taken it off and pondering what else I can do with it…

Silk and cotton scarves….so soft….

And finally twig pens and coloured pencils!

Good eh??


  1. very good! those sandals are to die for!

  2. Love the sandals. Great buys.

  3. Welcome back, you certainly got some neat stuff!

  4. Great Finds! I love those pencils!