Sunday, 25 October 2009

Momo on the prairie.

My cold turned into Pharyngitis (i think i might have just made up that spelling!) so rather than doing all the things I'm supposed me to be doing i felt perfectly justified in starting a new quilt. Oh, and spending a whole weekend watching a Little House on the Prairie box set!

I had a Momos Wonderland jelly roll and layer cake that i bought when i was feeling the need for those cute lil packages of fabric, and have been wracking my brains for weeks trying to come up with a pattern that would make maximum usage of the fabric. I told Curly Boy and within about 5 minutes he'd come up with a pattern idea!! Yay for Curly Boy!

So I've chopped up my jelly roll, my layer cake and some yard goods (that's what Ma Ingalls calls it!) and I'm all set to go.

My half square triangles are trimmed and ready

and I've even tried a block to see whether i like it, and now just need to park myself at the sewing machine for a bit.

I will when I find out whether Laura and Jack the dog have both caught rabies from Jasper the raccoon!