Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I think summer's over...*sigh*

The weather has really turned wintry this week....and rainy....bbboooo!! I guess summer is finally over.
It feels really strange getting home from work and it’s already starting to get dark, and although I hate winter with a passion I do find that when the days start getting shorter I’m strangely comforted by it.

I can also tell it’s winter as Cliff Richard has crawled out of the woodwork and is starting to do the chat show rounds – just like he does EVERY year about this time. I apologise to all you Cliff Richard fans out there, but i really dislike that man. I have absolutely no grounds to dislike him, but i just can't help it. Even more than Kerry Katona and that’s saying something (for those of you in the UK you’ll know who she is, for those of you in the US you probably have no idea who she is and i wouldn’t bother wasting your time googling her!).

Anyway, back to a much more interesting subject - my ‘To do’ list for this week was to: Make placement for Flickr place mat swap and work on Curly boys quilt.

The place mat will have to remain a secret until the recipient has received it so i can’t show you that, but i can show you curly Boys quilt top.

He has been pouting for months for a quilt and i have been able to use the excuse that it’s summer and that it’s too warm for one but as i can’t use that one anymore i figured I’d better crack on with it.
I can’t remember whether he looked through my books or whether i threw some suggestions at him (not literally, as he’d have thrown them back!) but we arrived at the Colour wheel quilt. He’s an arty boy (with a degree in Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) so it’s perfect for him. Colourful but not too girly, and if he should ever forget colour theory he can just look down on his lap and he’ll have the answer! It's a bit heavy on the aquas but for him to snuggle up in, and spill his dinner down, it will be fine.

The instructions said i needed something like 7 ½ yards of fabric. I thought i was being clever and knew better and only bought 5, so i am short of fabric for the back and as that particular charcoal grey was a one-off i can’t even get anymore. Serves me right really!!

So, I’ll be bodging the back with stripes and pretending that that was my intention all along.