Saturday, 17 October 2009


Had the mother of all colds this week so although my heart has been very willing, my body hasn't. I've achieved little of what i set out to do but luckily i haven't missed any deadlines!

Mostly I've been obsessing about my Dear Jane quilt and luckily i got a few things done last weekend that i never showed you.

First up, Curly Boys' quilt is done!

Here's the back.

He loves it and is very pleased to have a quilt of his very own - finally. I figured he's worth it for putting up with a house full of fabric and always being covered in thread ends!

I got some bee blocks done.

October is my month in 2 bees and the blocks are coming in thick and fast now so although the posties are still threatening to go on a national strike, for this week at least i love my postman.

For my Eurovision quilt i planned on sashing the blocks with unbleached cotton and Curly Boy came up with the idea of making mini log cabins for the corners - genius!
These were GOOD fun and are 2.5", so will finish up at 2" square. I think i might just be tempted to keep going and make a whole quilt out of these. Would be a great way of getting rid of all those stupidly small pieces that i insist on saving!