Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Perking up nicely.

Well, i think my mojo is starting to come back – yay!
A weekend filled with lovely things was just the ticket i think.

It started out on Friday night with my best friend who I’ve known...ooohh....erm...about 19 years? We met at University and were friends more of less from the start.

She came over so we could look through the photos we had taken at the photography studio a few weeks ago (a treat from her for my birthday!).
The photos are just what i wanted them to be and i think think captured the essence us 'us'. I treasure her and get something from her that i don’t get from anyone else, something i can’t put into words.
Here we are in all our finery (i'm the very blonde one!)

It’s THE big birthday for us both in 2 years time and we are going to make a pop video. We’re thinking rock chicks with stripy tights, loads of black eyeliner with a ton of attitude. I think there is going to be a fair few of us as everyone we’ve mentioned it to so far is really up for it. Can’t wait!

Saturday involved a bit of fabric shopping, and wander around Salts Mill and nap on the sofa to recover from the full bottle of wine and 3am bedtime.

And Sunday i cranked this out. Once i got going there was no stopping me and it’s now done and in the ‘to quilt’ pile.

Jimmy just can't help himself....bless.

I’m feeling marginally more perky this week so far!