Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lean, mean quilting machine - part 1.

Edited to add: For some bizarre reason Part 2 has ended up below Part 1 so if you want to read the 2nd gripping installment please scroll down!!

Ok, I'm definitely not lean, or mean, but judging by my productivity this weekend i am certainly a machine!
It helped that i didn't have many plans but i also framed myself. On Friday I wrote myself what i thought was a fairly unrealistic list and then just got on with it!

Blogger wasn’t playing ball on Sunday. I typed a huge long post and then lost half of it....ggrrrr. So, I’ll tell you about my weekend exploits in 2 instalments but it won’t be like TV as there won’t be a cliff-hanger!

My list:

Finish orange/teal log cabin quilt top - DONE!

This was my first improv quilt and m pretty pleased with it.

Make backing for it - DONE!

Finish hand pieced hexagon pinwheel quilt top - DONE!

I am so thrilled with this. I hand piece on the train to and from work - much to the other passengers amusement. They probably all call me the freaky patchwork lady and they all avoid sitting with me like the plague. A colleague catches the train part of the way and sits with me so thankfully that's one person that doesn't seem to embarrassed to be seen with me!

It's made of about 280 pinwheels so that's about 1700 pieces.

This was the last half pinwheel i put in and Curly Boy suggested that i put something special in there just like the Golden Spike in the Transcontinental Railroad. So, what better opportunity to use some of the gorgeous fabric i got from Joybucket with the DQS7 quilt she sent me.

Make backing for it - DONE!

Make spiderweb blocks for Katy - DONE!

This wasn't it! I did a few more things but I'll show you them another day when I've broken off what I'm doing at the moment long enough to write Part 2 - again!