Saturday, 12 September 2009

Nearly there...

I have spent the last few weeks ‘sorting out’. It’s not like me being all motivated for housework etc but I’ve had a bug up my bum about it since i decided i wanted the Quilting frame, so I have been a women on a mission for the last 3 weeks.
There’s nothing like the promise of a bit of new kit to get me motivated to have a sewing room clear-out. I could pretend that it was well overdue and that i was doing it in favour of my poor straining joists, but everyone would see straight though me.

My sewing room is fairly compact at about 10ft square and as the Freestyle Quilting Frame i have ordered is 7 ½ ft long i need to clear a whole wall for it – which seemed like a fairly impossible task!

Last weekend we took the last car load to the charity shop and hired a carpet cleaner so as a result i could hardly move at the start of this week. I must have used muscles that I don’t use for anything else, although given that i don’t actually do any exercise apart from getting up from my sewing chair to the ironing board i shouldn’t be surprised! In theory my bingo wings should be all toned now. In theory!

I've just about run out of steam now. I still have my yarn to sort through and a couple of baskets and bags of odds and ends (as you can tell from the pic below!!) but I’m nearly there. The wall with the dresser is where the quilting frame will go when it arrives!

My sewing table has now been moved under the eaves and lighting has been installed by my sweetie so i can actually see to sew. Imagine that!

I just need to get some more pretty things on the wall now but i already feel really inspired by new space. So, i'm back from being shorn at the hairdressers and i'm planning on not leaving the house for the rest of the weekend!