Sunday, 20 June 2010

Some finishes!

I was too busy being all proud of myself for last post being within a week of the one before, that i forget to come back!

The sun was shining today so i took full advantage and took a couple of recent finishes on an outing. I only went to the local park but at least it's further than most quilts get to go!

First up is the string X quilt. My Euro Bee buddies made a few blocks for this and i attacked the rest like a woman possessed. I've managed to use just about all my small scraps and strips on this so the only fabric i had to buy was the brown. I love scrap quilts.
Actually this has been finished for about a month but there isn't enough light to photograph it when i get home from work and sods law that either the weather is dreary on a weekend, or it's sunny and I'm busy.

Edited to add: I got the tutorial here!

The second one is the Josephs coat quilt. This has been a real labour of love and sometimes i didn't feel as if i was ever going to get there. Every time i counted the blocks i still had 5 to do. I'd count them a week later and they'd still be 5 left to do. Strange.
I started this what seems like eons ago for the quiltalong with Kellie.
I used a pile of Mendocine FQs and a pile of AMH Good folks with a few coordinating scraps chucked in. I love it more than life itself!

I've added them to the humongous pile of tops to be quilted and i estimate it will be 2014 by the time i get to these!!