Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm back.

Are you impressed? And in around a week? I certainly am.

I needed to come back and show you what arrived ½ hour before i left on my holiday.
I didn’t have time to do anything with it before i left apart so i just shoved it in the car and it came on the grand tour with us!

Drum roll please. Here’s what i got for the Urban Home Goods Swap from Sheridan.

Now i know that i am very easily pleased as i love just about anything that involves sewing or fabric but just look at it!! It’s all the things that make me happy. Dresden, pillow, food (ok i know i can’t eat the pear but it is kinda food!), red, orange....but mostly....PINK!!!
Man i love pink.

The fab thing is that it even matches the DQS8 i got from Louise.

I have no idea whether Sheridan planned it that way, whether both girls KNOW me, or whether we were infact triplets separated at birth!

All i know is that I’m happy.