Monday, 18 January 2010


I have finished chewing the first bone and my DQS8 quilt is finished.

I think i started pulling fabrics out late last Thursday before bed and other than work on Friday i did not leave it alone until i finished sewing the binding on at about 6.30pm on Saturday.
I had no plans on Friday night and Saturday during the day so, i just beavered away – only pausing to make a cuppa or powder my nose.

It’s partly obsession but partly panic. I worry that if i don’t get on with things and get them finished them i will go off the boil and not want to do it, or I’ll forget completely.
I also didn’t know whether i would like this idea so i wanted to give myself oodles of time to make a second one (like i did for DQS7)

The real joy of making this was how the ideas developed as i went along rather than me planning it all before i started. At one point I wasn’t really sure where the green wedges were taking me but as i reached the end of one bit the next step seemed almost obvious. I love it when that happens.

My inspiration was the Dotty For Dresden pattern from the Material Obsession 1 (this is the source of my current Dresden obsession and the reason why i had a wedge ruler in the first place), and the Seasons quilt from Material Obsession 2. The flowers are from this book

I am really happy with it and I just need to make sure i don’t lose it (anything is possible in my tip of a house!) between now and the beginning of March when i can get it in the post to my swap partner.

I wasn’t planning on making a second but i have been fiddling around with some tiny dresdens so I’ll see how they turn out!