Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dog with a bone

I really should be obsessed with tidying the house, my ironing pile that's threatening to take over the world and my UFOs but instead I'm like a dog with a bone and completely obsessed with these:

My Spiderweb Bee quilt. More ramblings about it here.

My DQS8 that's in progress. I wasn't sure i was diggin' the bright green but i've made a fair bit of progress since these pics and i'm pretty happy now. These are soooooo not my colours but i think they are my swap partners cup of tea. I hope so anyway!

My Dresden plate quilt. Katy and I are quilting along together. Check out her drool-worthy blocks. The navy Bella solid for the background and more Amy Butler Love for the centre circles has arrived so i can get stuck in again!

My Josephs coat quilt. 14 blocks now joined together thanks to a stinking cold last weekend.

And finally this pile that came this morning. Well, my lovely hubby trekked out this morning to collect them from the post office! Drool, drool.