Thursday, 12 November 2009

What I'd do with my lottery winnngs!

I wish i could win the lottery (although....doesn't everyone!). The Euro lottery last Friday i believe was 95 million Euros. Curly Boy’s is in a Euro millions syndicate at work so he spent a significant chunk of last weekend spending his winnings (that he didn’t win!) and the rest of the week feeling depressed that he didn't win!

Obviously the first thing I’d do is order Lamborghini Murcielago and book a holiday, then I’d look for a house that is just like mine but with enough space for a fleet of super cars and an extra room downstairs for my sewing.

Last week when Holly the Pfaff came, i sat at the dining room table and played with her. I loved it. Loved being close to Curly Boy who was in the Lounge watching TV or reading. We could have shouted conversations between rooms and he could shout me to come and watch the water tank explosions on Mythbusters (although i do have to admit that after the 4th time i stopped what i was doing that i told him that i wouldn’t be coming in again!).

Curly Boy noticed that i loved it too and jokingly suggested that i buy another sewing machine to keep downstairs (yeah, like i need any encouragement to buy more sewing machines!) but it has got me thinking. My theory was that If i moved my machine downstairs i might be more inclined to do a bit when i get home from work, or while tea is cooking, and be more inclined to sew after tea rather than laying like a vegetable on the sofa.

So here it is. My machine is downstairs on the dining room table. I’m not convinced i can be well behaved enough to stop my stuff getting strewn everywhere but in the last few evenings in between Judge Judy, cooking tea and The Dog Whisperer i got these done.

Blocks for Katrina for Bee Addicted 3

A pile of blocks for my Arkansas crossroads quilt

I've had to take a pic of the blocks on the lounge floor as - ahem - the Momo blocks are still on my design wall waiting to be sewn together!

I don’t whether this means that my theory is working or whether it’s the novelty of being able to check on the boiling pasta after a few seams. We’ll see!