Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Deadlines...well kinda.

Rather than working on my UFO list I’ve been a bit distracted by a few other projects.
It’s not me going off the boil already (honestly!) but these really needed to be done as there were deadlines to meet.

First up is little colourful and rainbow inspired things for Trashys Rainbow Swap – that needed to be out 1 day before i actually put it all together (oops!).

A block for Courtney for the Quilt Around The World Bee.

She wanted us to create a block with something about where we live, and something about us. A Union Jack was quite fitting – with some selvages of my favourite fabrics.

This was my first attempt at foundation piecing. I can do English paper piecing standing on my head but this....jeez. I think the block took me about 5 hours in total – not that you can tell from all wonkyness going on. The whole point of foundation piecing is for accuracy so i think i must not have quite grasped it. I probably should have read some tutorials or instructions – and didn’t - so the wonkyness and inaccuracy probably had something to do with my ‘make it up as you go along’ approach. Having said that all that, it does make me smile.

And I cracked on and made a cushion for The Pillow Talk Swap that needed to be out by the end of the month.

It’s my swap partners favourites mixed with an idea from quilting magazine. I quilted it on the stroppy Janome who for a change managed to behave herself while i quilted it. I didn’t want to part with it so I’m adding making 2 for me onto the (ever-growing) list of projects i want to do.

Last but not least I’ve been fiddling with bits of stabiliser and fabric for the Don’t look now quilt along. The conversation with Curly Boy the other night went something like this.

CB: That looks suspiciously like a new project.
Me: No, this one? Nooooo.
CB: It is isn’t it? That’s a new project and not a UFO.
Me: No it’s not a new project as I’ve been planning it in my head for while, so it’s not a new project. Technically speaking it’s a UFO.
CB : Well the pieces ARE kind of UFO shaped so i guess that would count as a UFO.

Haha. He’ll do for me!!