Friday, 10 February 2012

It's been COLD where we are.

 I longed for snow so i could take little J out. Last year when it snowed bucket loads he wasn't with us and was barely walking so i knew it would be a pretty exciting first for all of us. We didn't get a ton of snow and it didn't last very long but thankfully it fell over a weekend when Curly Boy was home and there was enough to make a snowman. Little J helped by patting handfuls of snow onto him and had a whale of time.

On our walk back home there were some pretty decent puddles so Little J had a good splash around. Pity you can't also hear the giggles!

Sewing has been going pretty well but most of it is FQ related or secret projects so i can't show you anything yet, but i can show you this.

This is in Issue 8 of Fat Quarterly available here. I used in total about 18 yards of scraps, strings and fabrics that i wanted out of my stash. Can you believe i didn't use it all?