Monday, 22 March 2010

Josephs Coat quilt along.

I’ve been plodding along with my Josephs coat – not as quickly i would have liked as i got sidetracked by the dresden plate.

Dresden pate blocks are now complete so i can get back to my josephs coat.

I have 14 blocks joined together

another 23 blocks finished, 3 blocks pinned and ready to sew and the rest of petals all prepared and ready.

Now I’m back to it and have no other hand sewing underway i get stuck in again (assuming i don’t get all appliquéd out!!) i should be able to make some decent progress.
I sew these on the train so and from work the train and on the sofa when i can’t be bothered to peel my butt off the sofa to do anything. I like hand stitching as it’s a good justification for sitting around and watching telly!

I had FQ bundle each of Heather Ross’ Mendocino and Anna Maria Horner Good folks that the colours went really well together, and i threw some Anna Maria Horner Chocolate Lollipop, some Flea Market Fancy, and a few coordinating scraps in for good measure.

I’m loving how the colours are looking together and this quilt is going to ALL MINE when it’s done. Yet another to add to the growing pile of quilts.